Light Summer Slay, Neutral Make Up Tips

Having a hard time applying light make up to your skin?

Just because it’s summer time, doesn’t mean our bags and dark spots go away. I found this great post that reveals the best tips for light make up looks. Be sure to remember to set your look with a powder.


I’ve found that keeping my lips moisturized and applying a mood lipstick (it always turns pink) helps keep my lips naturally pink as a base. Even when my lipstick is wearing off for the day, the mood lipstick is still underneath giving my lips a natural pink tone. (my lips are naturally light brown)

I had an off eyelash day in the photo above because I only did one coat and was too lazy to go over it again. But I loved my new 24 hour liquid lip colour by Cougar Cosmetics  (c/o Ipsy) Please note: I am not a make up artist. I’m just a Mom, who has skin that needs a little help….daily.

Read more about achieving the light face look.

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