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I found Madeline Crump on IG along with her new and exciting photos of her attendance at an AVON #BOSSLIFE Conference. If you haven’t seen the commercial for AVON #BOSSLIFE yet, it’s pretty catchy. Madeline is also another beauty boss that isn’t too shy to post a nude face on her page. The one thing I loved the most about her feed was her consistency.

In business, that is the ONE thing that no one can teach you. It takes practice and determination, mixed with some rejection. Always be consistent, even when it seems no one is listening. It all pays off in the end Madeline! Keep up the good work GORGEOUS!

When asked what/who inspires her:

Hi everyone!

My name is Madeline Crump and I’ve been an Avon Independent Sales Representative for about a month now!

When I was growing up, my family always seemed to struggle with financial burdens. It was devastating to watch my parents argue about money, get frustrated when they couldn’t afford to do certain things for us, and dream of the day they would be debt free.

Now that I am a wife and mother myself, it’s become extremely important that I do everything I can to make sure my children never have to go through that. I obviously don’t want to spoil them by any means, but I want to be able to send them to any college they choose, or help them buy their first car, or take them to Disney and not worry about how we can afford it.

THAT’S why I started selling Avon. I was sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, as so many do. I want my kids to know that life doesn’t revolve around the next time you get paid. I was done worrying about money all the time, so I took hold of my finances and became A BEAUTY BOSS.

Avon gives me the opportunity to be at home with my babies and husband, while earning the extra income we need to not have to fret about whether or not the bills will get paid this month. It also gives me the chance to get to know more people in my community and share with them the confidence I have found in being my own boss through Avon.

I’m just starting out, but I know that with dedication and hard work, I can live a financially free life with my family.


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