How to Transition Your Skin Routine For Summer

The one thing I hate about summer is my acne and sweaty face. Subscribe to keep up with all these breezy summer hacks and tips.

Wool sweaters don’t work in the dead of summer—and neither do thick, heavy skin creams. Yes, just as your wardrobe adapts to the changing seasons, so should anything you put on your beautiful complexion.

 For me, I always have a lightweight, medium coverage foundation on hand for the summer.

I don’t apply it to all of my face though.

So in the summer months, I just use a dab of my ANEW Age-Transforming foundation with SPF 15 in Soft Honey and AVON  Flawless pressed powder in medium deep. I noticed that I steer clear of concealers as much during the summer because I’m always wiping my eyes mid-day.

Tanning definitely helps the under eye bags for me. Learn what to swap out, and what to add, to ensure your softest, safest, and best summer skin ever.




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