How To Talk Like A Boss


Once again, AVON INSIDER BLOG  does not disappoint with another article on HOW TO TALK LIKE A BOSS. 

After reading this list of terms, I realized that I knew them all but I rarely used them in conversation. That either means, my circle isn’t very savvy (just kidding), or I’ve been selling myself short in the vocabulary section of my every day convo.

Learn 1-3 key facts about your niche/business that most people don’t know and share it.

I recall taking my daughter to the salon and the owner there informed me that coconut oil was actually one of the worst things I could use while styling her hair.  She had taken a natural hair course and shared that surprising information with me.

I now consider her as not only a business owner but an expert in her craft.

Read the business lingo you should know to talk like a boss below.


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Andrea Wong

President of international production for Sony Pictures Television

“Be generous whenever you are in a position to be.”

Emma Freud

TV and radio broadcaster and cultural commentator

“Make decisions that are right and true, not ones that will benefit your career.”

Lisa Thomas

CEO of M&C Saatchi Group

“Be yourself. It’s hard enough juggling a career with being a wife and mother without trying to be a different p

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