Top 5 Ways AVON Helps You Succeed

You know when you’re running or starting a business that you have to spend a little of your own money, right? Not this time. I’ve been selling AVON now for over a year. During that year, we’ve had some operational changes in management. Those changes have been wonderfully helpful in being successful as an AVON Rep. 

These are a few of my AVON success observations. There are many, many more ways to be successful with Avon once you find what works best for you.

1.) Advertising materials are free!

From the labels you need to place on your brochures, the postcards needed for new reps (below), business cards, flyers, AVON car decals and more. AVON makes sure that you have all the tools necessary to market your business. Plus…social media is free! I also have a personal love for web development and helping you set up a free section on the internet just for you…Just happens to be my specialty!


2.) All of your e store pages link back to you.

Some businesses only have certain pages linked to you. AVON’s blog pages even link back to you. In the past, once a visitor got past the first few pages, they were directed to the main site and away from yours. Not anymore! See below. If you navigate to my Become An AVON rep page, my name is in the search bar. This means you’ll never have to worry about not receiving credit for new reps or sales.

front page avon.png

3.) A personal relationship with other Avon sales reps.

With a company as big as AVON, there are sales reps in every town. This is great when you’ve run out of a certain product or need extra brochures. Other reps and managers are always willing to help one another. I received a text from the DSM the other day as a friendly reminder that she’s there if I needed any add’l AVON brochures. Not to mention, giving and receiving tips with others who have the same success and struggles, helps immensely.

4.) Many positions within the AVON family are salaried and hourly positions.

The opportunity to rise within the company are there for those who work hard and develop a strong eye for detail and creativity. The company is growing and becoming a leader in the skin care and make up direct sales market. Only way from here is UP!


5.) The website customization for your estore.

AVON makes customizing your e store so easy! See below for one of my back office screen shots. AVON already has background images set so when you’re ready to change it, it’s a simple one click. There is a free box that I use to link my personal websites in as well.

The first image has eye shadows as the background. The second image shows lip color. It’s so fun and easy to showcase your personality on your e store and connect your AVON Facebook page as well.  By the way, AVON  gives you this e store as soon as you become a national sales rep. There are no monthly fees for it. The first time you pay for your start up kit, is the LAST time you’ll ever pay AVON for being a National Sales Rep.

estore screenshot.png

estore screenshot 2.png

There are so many ways that AVON  contributes to your success and even more ways that I do as well!



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