We are incredibly grateful and inspired by our Avon family’s support of all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey – through local acts of kindness, loving thoughts and well wishes, and by donating our $10 Hurricane Harvey Relief Package, which Avon will transport to area shelters on your behalf. If you or your customers would like to order the Package without additional product, the easiest way to order is through your online store. You should also see a Hurricane Relief content block on your online store. If you don’t – login to “YourAvon.com,” then click on the “Web Office” Page, click on “Edit my Online Store,” select the content box you would like to replace, select “Marketing Promotions,” and scroll to find the Hurricane Relief image. Finally, to support your outreach efforts, we now have flyers and bookmarks to insert into your brochure in English and Spanish. Click this link to download. https://www.dropbox.com/…/b2r15k…/AACOVkJcVTfFinamnqd2e5-Ya

There are thousands of families who survived Hurricane Katrina and relocated to Houston for a fresh start. As a native of New Orleans, I can only imagine what those families and others are thinking about when they close their eyes to rest. Just when I thought the division in our country was etching itself into stone, Harvey relief has the potential to open minds and tame evil thoughts.



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